Sunday, May 01, 2005

David's 2 year Birthday

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Happy birthday!

Boston Children Museum

Today is David's 2 year birthday. We took him to Boston Children Musuem, since he just got back from Orlando, FL and was probably tired to go on another long trip. He had a great time there, playing wooden truck, bubbles, and take a picture with Red Sox DH David Ortis, last season ALCS hero.
At the end, we watched a show called "What's the biggest idea" together. David was so attentive, and he was very eager to participate. The first two times, he does not understand the idea of raising hands, so nobody picked him. Both time he was quite disappointed. The third, also the last, time he raised his hand high, but still I guess the hostese thought he was too young to be part of it, and did not pick him. He got so upset and decided to walk down the stairs by himself. Fortunately there is still one position open, I quickly took him there and put the vest on him. All he has to do is standing there, walking in a line and follow the host, and at the end dancing, smiling and taking a bow. However Jamie and I were so proud of him!